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Soul Revival Vintage.

Our vintage company first opened in 2009. We originally were branded under the name “Coeur de Mode”, which loosely translates to Heart of Fashion. After a successful operation for a couple of years, I (Marissa, read about me below) had moved states, started college, and also gave birth to my firstborn son. I was growing and flourishing in a different capacity…and the business slowly took a hiatus.

Fast forward ten years later, and I had found myself pining for the thrills and fulfillment that selling vintage gave me. I am a real estate marketer & graphics designer by day, and a happy missus & mother by night every moment of every day.

The joy of re-opening my business has restored what my spirit was missing. There is something very enchanting about the unknown history of each vintage piece….it is my goal to inspire others see that story; to revive the love and beauty that each piece deserves…to inspirit the clothing and YOU wearing it.

Thus, Soul Revival Vintage Co. was [re-]born. Revived, if you will.


Thank you for being a part of our story.


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One of our first listings from 2009



I opened this shop when I was 17 years old, driven by my passion for vintage fashion and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit.

After a ten year hiatus, I am thrilled to be back with a renewed spirit and that same passion and drive.

I’m a little bit hippie, a little bit hillbilly. I like to garden, cook good food, and take pictures of my houseplants. I am just a human blessed to exist.

Me with some plants.

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